Sleaford Mods webchat – post your questions now


Jason Williamson, the duo’s splenetic frontman, will answer your questions from 12 noon on Wednesday 13 February

Sleaford Mods are often perceived as the political voice of the British working class, although somewhat reluctantly on their behalf. Their fast, furious yet humorous lyrics about blue-collar life in a period of austerity, combined with their fresh and minimal take on punk, have ensured that they are afforded, as the Guardian’s Peter Bradshaw says, “national treasure status”.

Lyricist Jason Williamson first began devising his sound in 2006 and a few years later, he was joined by Andrew Fearn, who provides the backing tracks. They broke through in 2013, with the release of their critically acclaimed album Austerity Dogs and a European tour. The duo have since kept up a steady release schedule, with Divide and Exit (2014), Key Markets (2015) and English Tapas (2017).

The two fortysomethings have also appeared in two documentaries: Invisible Britain, which followed the band on tour and analysed the impact of David Cameron’s government, and the more intimate portrait Bunch of Kunst. Their next record, Eton Alive, will be released this month on their own new label, Extreme Eating.

Jason will answer your questions during a webchat on Wednesday 13 February from 12 noon – post them in the comments below.